The fast track to the skies

The CAPE AIR - HORIZON PILOT PROGRAM is our newest exciting partnership designed to provide a visible career trajectory for Cape Air pilots interested in future flying with Horizon Air Industries.  

The purpose of the program is to help pilots gain necessary experience through employment with Cape Air. In turn, this enables them to obtain the prerequisite qualifications to be recognized as a qualified and desirable candidate for a position at Horizon.


The Pilot Pathways Program provides Cape Air pilots the opportunity to interview with Horizon when they are upgraded to a Captain at Cape Air.  This unique benefit gives a Cape Air pilot the ability to determine at the outset of their career whether they possess the potential behavioral aptitude and background required to gain future employment with Horizon. 

The steps

Program minimum requirements - Candidates must:


  • Have successfully upgraded to Captain at Cape Air;

  • Hold a first-class medical certificate;

  • Have successfully completed all training at Cape Air.


Cape Air pilots who meet the minimum qualifications will be offered an interview with Horizon.


Available positions with Horizon will be offered in order of Cape Air Seniority Number, not in the order in which the pilot interviews. A Cape Air pilot who has met the minimum qualifications for the Pilot Pathways Program and successfully completes their interview, will be placed into the Horizon “Hiring Pool” in order of their Cape Air Seniority Number.

On a quarterly basis, Horizon will review all pilots in the program to determine if they have met/continue to meet “Minimum Qualifications.”  During the “Quarterly Reviews,” Alaska Airlines’ Recruiting Department, working in conjunction with Horizon’s Chief Pilot Office will offer employment opportunities (“Hiring Dates”) at Horizon to pilots within the Hiring Pool in order of Cape Air Seniority Number, subject to successful completion of a Records Review.

Pilots will remain in the Hiring Pool until they withdraw from the program, become ineligible to participate, or they are offered a position with Horizon.

Ready to explore opportunities with Cape Air and Horizon?

Captains and future Captains who are interested in the CAPE AIR - HORIZON PILOT PATHWAY PROGRAM can reach out to us at pilotjobs@capeair.com or by submitting the form below.

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