Cape Air's Connection to "The Purple Runway"

Cape Air's newest pathway program with North Carolina-based Mountain Air Cargo maps out the perfect path to the FedEx Purple Runway Program. 


The Program allows pilots from both airlines to transition between the two companies in order to gain valuable flight hours and experience. Designed to assist Mountain Air Cargo and Cape Air in the selection, training, and education of potential new hire pilots, the program provides a designated career Pathway for selected candidates. This unique Pathway offers a flow for Cape Air pilots to transition into the ATR aircraft at Mountain Air Cargo to gain turbine time, and for Mountain Air Cargo Caravan pilots to gain multi-engine flight time at Cape Air.


Applicants who meet the program requirements, and are accepted into the program, can then transition to Mountain Air Cargo as direct entry ATR Captains. Candidates must have 1,000 flight hours at Cape Air exercising their ATP and have completed their Cape Air Captain commitment specified in their offer letter. Pilots will be hired as an ATR Captain but will serve as Second in Command (SIC) on the ATR until gaining 200 hours of flight time prior to acting as Pilot in Command (PIC). Candidates accepted into the Program from MAC, are required to serve as Captain for 12 months at MAC as a Cessna 208 Captain, or ATR pilot after completion of Operation Experience (OE). Once that commitment is filled, they can then transition to Cape Air as a Captain.


Pilots in the Program will keep their actual longevity for pay and vacation accrual as they transition from one airline to the other, as applicable. Pilots who transition to Mountain Air Cargo qualify to apply for the Fed Ex Purple Runway Program after six months of employment at Mountain Air Cargo.