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We value our team and know that excellent benefits provide a better quality of life for all.

We don't believe in spin when it comes to sharing pay and benefit stats. When presenting pilot pay scales, we don't factor in the value of hotel stays, uniforms, traditional medical/dental or other benefits that are expected when you are part of the Cape Air team.  Pilots are attracted to Cape Air for not only our generous, transparent approach to pay but also the wealth of benefits available to ensure a better quality of life.


  • Year 5 Captain: $99,000 per year

  • Year 1 Captain: $78,000 per year

(full-time pilots)

• Employee Stock Ownership Program

• Matching 401K

• Health and dental insurance

• Paid leave, holidays and volunteer time

• KCM, CASS, and family pass benefits

• Relocation and uniform allowances

• FAA medical reimbursement

• Long and short-term disability

• Start and finish your day at your base
   every night (except Montana)


• We have partnerships with JetBlue, United, American and have reciprocal travel agreements with most domestic and international carriers.