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The sun doesn't have to set on your passion for flying

For pilots, there’s a unique crossover between a career and a passion. The career is what you work so hard for, the one that pays the bills and supports families, the one that comes with seniority, travel, adventure and countless nights away from home. Then there’s the pure and simple passion for flight. A passion that was likely ignited at a young age and continues to burn flight hour after flight hour. The one that takes you to the skies, even on your days off. The passion is what started you on this journey, the one thing that makes your job more fun than most, one which you love and also get paid to perform. Not many people can truly say that they have a passion for what they do, but then again those people probably aren't pilots.


For those with a career that they like, but not necessarily love, the thought of retirement is likely a happy one, but for those with a deep-rooted passion, the perspective can be much different. For many pilots, the choice to retire, specifically from flying, is not theirs to make. With a mandatory retirement age of 65 for all Part 121 Operators, there is a hard stop attached to a pilot’s passionate career, at least with a major carrier that is.



Turn off Auto-Pilot and Reclaim Your Seat

Pilots, did you know that your career doesn’t have to end the day you turn 65? Instead, it can be the start of a new adventure, a change of course in your flight plan; one that will allow you to keep your coveted corner office in the sky. Independent regional carrier, Cape Air, has several opportunities for pilots reaching retirement age who wish to continue their flying career.


Cape Air's Gray Gull Program provides pilots with an opportunity to get off the route to retirement, and continue flying past the mandatory retirement age. Being primarily a CFR Part 135 scheduled air carrier, age is not a factor, only the ability to maintain a First Class Medical. Currently, Cape Air has retired pilots flying from almost every major carrier! 


Cape Air serves some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, which can be viewed primarily from the left seat of a Cessna 402. With a robust route map across the Northeast, Midwest, Montana, USVI, BVI, and Puerto Rico, Gray Gulls have the ability to continue their career as a pilot, receive full benefits and get back to the basics of flying. Imagine recharging your career just as you thought you were forcibly reaching the end.


Chart Your Own Course

If full-blown retirement isn’t quite what you’re ready for, don’t worry, Cape Air has a unique opportunity to keep you active on the flight deck. Cape Air offers full and part-time pilot positions for ATP certificate holders with a FAA First Class Medical. Cape Air pilots enjoy a company matching 401K, paid vacation, paid medical and more. Cape Air pilots are paid per duty hour (NOT per flight hour like most airlines).

There are two ways you can join the Gray Gulls program to keep your flying career active:


Full-Time: Cape Air pilots bid on a base by seniority with the potential to be in any one of Cape Air's 30+ pilot bases.  A full-time Gray Gull would likely work a 4-on 3-off schedule (minimum 12 days off per 28) of 40+ hours a week with overtime available. 


Part-Time: Cape Air has a significant need for part-time Captains in Boston, MA (BOS), Hyannis, MA (HYA), San Juan, PR (SJU), St. Louis, MO (STL), Chicago, IL (ORD) and Billings, MT (BIL) . Part-time Captains will maintain a set schedule of six - eight days (per 28 day period) with all flying originating and ending in their assigned base.  This status can be held seasonally in some bases as well. 

Full-time and part-time Captains are able to pick up extra flying throughout the year. Shift adds are often eligible for incentive pay, which really increases a pilots earning potential at Cape Air!


Home basing may also be an option! Please ask a pilot recruiter for additional information.

Pilots are on the seniority list starting in their first year. Part-time pilots may not qualify for some company benefits if they are scheduled for fewer than 30 hours of work per month.


In all scenarios, Gray Gull pilots are responsible for housing in their base.  However, if asked to help out elsewhere in the Cape Air network (TDY) and the pilot accepts, a hotel room and per diem would be provided.


Training is completed in Hyannis, MA and lasts approximately 6-8 weeks.  During training our Gray Gulls are provided a single occupancy hotel room and paid a minimum of 40 hours per week.  


Interested in joining Cape Air through any option in the Gray Gulls Program? Click the application link below submit your application today.


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