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Explore the industry's pioneering pathway program

The University Gateway Program provides a unique pathway for undergraduate students looking to seamlessly transition from student to professional aviator.


Students from an Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI) accredited program are eligible to enter the Gateway program during their sophomore year. The program offers structured education, training, and experience, preparing each pilot for their future in aviation. Undergraduate pilots in the program have the opportunity to work as interns at either Cape Air or JetBlue.


After graduation, they gain valuable hands-on experience as university flight instructors. Once the student reaches their required calendar commitment at the university (usually 1 year of flight instructing), they join Cape Air as a Captain for a 2-3 year commitment. After that commitment is met, the pilot is scheduled for their Jet Transition Course and final interview with JetBlue. Recent graduates of the program obtained their Captain rank within three years of joining JetBlue.


The University Gateway Program currently exceeds 350 students at 6 colleges (7 campuses) across the country.  


Cape Air currently partners with the following Universities for the Gateway Program:

  • Bridgewater State University

  • Embry Riddle Aeronautical University – Daytona and Prescott Campus

  • University of North Dakota

  • Jacksonville University

  • Auburn University

  • Inter American University


Another aspect of the University Gateway program is the Advanced Gateway path. Similar to the traditional and original model this program allows graduates of an AABI program to join Cape Air and eventually transition to JetBlue after completing similar gates.


For more information, email or look for us on campus, or visit your career services coordinator for more information. Or, check out JetBlue's site,, for further detail on the Gateway program.

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