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Cape Air Pilot Training
Industry Leading Training

Cape Air is the only piston powered part 135 airline to have an FAA approved Aircrew Designated Examiner (ADE) Program. This allows Cape Air check pilots to issue ATP certificates to pilot trainees at the completion of their Captain 135 proficiency check.


Utilizing our FAA Level 6 FSTD Cape Air provides a training program that prepares pilots for a range of operations from normal line operations to potentially hazardous emergency procedures.

Our 135 training program applies many elements from 121 carriers to ensure our pilots are as safe as possible. This includes Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT), Crew Resource Management (CRM) training, and detailed systems integration training.


Cape Air covers the costs of the ATP-CTP course for all trainees that upgrade from First Officer to Captain, this includes your normal wages during that training.




Cape Air utilizes a normal procedures handbook designed for the 402. This allows for standard operating procedures in single and multi-pilot crews. It provides aircraft specific guidance similar to that found at 121 carriers.

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