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Build Valuable Time and Experience

Cape Air and Leadership in Flight Training (LIFT) Academy built this workforce development program to make a professional airline pilot career affordable and accessible for anyone with a passion for aviation. The strategic relationship creates greater opportunities for pilots looking to receive airline style flight training and transition from flight academy directly to an airline.

How it Works

Pilots receive initial and comprehensive flight training at LIFT Academy in Indianapolis, Indiana. Students are eligible to interview and receive a conditional job offer with Cape Air upon enrollment with LIFT Academy. Program participants will receive continuous guidance and mentorship from Cape Air throughout their training. After earning their instrument certificate, commercial multi-engine certificate, and 500 hours total time, students graduate from LIFT Academy and begin First Officer training with Cape Air. Upon reaching unrestricted ATP minimums, they will upgrade to Captain and serve for a minimum of 12 months gaining valuable experience as a commercial airline pilot. After a year of flying as a Captain at Cape Air, participants are eligible to flow to Republic Airways, a commercial regional airline that operates daily passenger flights for American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines, as a First Officer.

LIFT graduates begin training at Cape Air headquarters 

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