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OWB Pilot Program

Partnering with our Communities

The OWB Flight Program located in Owensboro, KY was developed from the need locally to create more opportunities for aspiring pilots. The Owensboro community has been a long-time partner of Cape Air; and we are pleased to share in a workforce development program that provides an efficient, tailored pathway for future Captains.


How it works and why


Enrollment in the OWB Pilot Program provides quality flight training at a discounted rate. After completion of training and graduation from the OWB Pilot Program, graduates are eligible for hire as First Officers at Cape Air. Cape Air's First Officer Program provides pilots with the necessary experience to successfully obtain an Air Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate and the qualifications to serve as a Captain for Cape Air. 


OWB Pilot Program Training Loan Reimbursement

Joining Cape Air as a pilot upon graduation from the OWB Pilot Program qualifies graduates for partial reimbursement of flight training debt incurred as part of the OWB Pilot Program for each month of service as a Captain at Cape Air. Training loan reimbursement is paid for up to 48 months according the schedule below: 

Learn more about the OWB Pilot Program and why it was developed

Eligibility Requirements


  • Requirements include:

  • Graduate of the OWB Pilot Program 

  • Recommendation of the President of the OWB Pilot Program

  • Possess an FAA First Class Medical Certificate

  • Must be at least 21 ½ years old

  • Pass a ten-year criminal background check

  • Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing

  • Pilot Records Improvement Act background check

  • Exceed minimum aeronautical requirements: •

    • FAA commercial, multi-engine licenses, with instrument rating

    • 750 total flight hours 

    • 100 hours cross-country time (point to point)

    • 25 hours nighttime 

    • 25 hours instrument time (actual, simulated or FTD)

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